Trizar® Technology

Space Age Tech For Smart Gear

Cooler in Summer
Warmer in Winter

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Space Certified Technology

Trizar® Technology was used on space ships to manage heat as the ships passed through the atmosphere. By using the science of emissivity, Trizar® fabrics regulate temperature to increase performance and comfort.

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The sun significantly effects the temperature of your gear and our Low Emissivity materials are made from the materials in sun tan lotion to reflect sunlight.

Quick Facts
  • Increases UPF
  • Evaporates perspiration faster for evaporative cooling effect
  • Reduces odor and cleans easier
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Your body is always producing heat. Our high Emissivity Trizar® technology captures body heat and reradiates it back to the microclimate keeping you warmer longer.

Quick Facts
  • Works actively with your body heat
  • Highly conductive and wicks heat throughout material
  • Dries faster to reduce chill
  • Lab tested to increase Infrared heat capture
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