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Trizar® fabrics contain Emisshield®
Emisshield originally worked with NASA to engineer their technology to be used on Space ships

Different Industry Applications

Performance Apparel
Casual Clothing

The human body’s primary method for discharging heat is radiation. The skin is constantly radiating heat in all directions towards the objects adjacent to it, such as clothing or the surrounding air. The body can also receive heat from objects around it through radiation.

Trizar® printed fabrics have been measured to absorb between 4 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit of Infrared (IR) heat more than a control. The printed Trizar® fabrics also increase emissivity and have shown to retain their performance past 30 launderings.

The materials are highly conductive and spread heat to eliminate cold spots as you can see…

Flir Image Showing the capture of heat in a Trizar Jacket
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