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How Does It Work

What are the Trizar® materials?

The materials are a mixture of emissive particles that are designed to either increase emissivity (absorb) or decrease emissivity (reflect). These materials combine a number of elements that have been used in textile finishing and also in consumer products like sun tan lotion.

Do the same particles work for winter and summer?

Trizar® patented materials have 2 different sets of additives one for Winter and one for Summer. These formulas are designed to have certain sizes of particles to either capture wave lengths or reflect wave lengths to manage the flow of heat.

Why are some products fiber and others coatings?

The human body in the winter is producing heat thus the closer to your skin you place the Trizar® material the less you need to effectively keep warm. As you move through the layers, Trizar® technology is used as a coating to increase the number of particles to attain greater heat reradiation. Trizar® Technology as a layering system will hold and distribute heat produced by the body to thermal regulate your clothing. The technology is highly conductive so it will reduce "hot spots" and spread heat.

What about odor?

Trizar ® technology reduces odors by using materials that are both edible and used to reduce odor.  Additionally, since our fabrics dry faster, they are less of a breeding ground for bacteria as well. Our fabrics may be tested according to AATCC and ASTM tests to ensure they deliver against any claims.

What is the additional cost?

Unlike a number of ingredient technology’s, the upcharge for Trizar® technology is relatively inexpensive. The Trizar® fiber delivers all of the key attributes demanded by athletes, plus NASA space certification, and is provided through the leading suppliers without large overhead costs.