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Ergonomix adopts Trizar (R) Technology for Fall 2021

Ergonomix adds Trizar technology to their new clothing line for Fall 2021


Ergonomix Apparel has adopted Trizar ® technology to add performance in both hot and cold weather to their line of no melt no drip clothing. The new line will also incorporate the advanced design that defines Ergonomix work wear and extend the comfort range of all products.


Trizar ® technology uses the science of emissivity to manage heat and thermo regulate fabrics. Trizar ® Fabrics hasa low emissivity product that reduces heat buildup in layers and in the sun. This space age technology was recently adopted by the Major League Lacrosse teams for all their New Balance® uniforms to reduce heat accumulation out in the sun. “Our patents cover the full spectrum of heat and UV challenges of fabric applications to keep you cooler in the sun.’ says Brad Poorman CEO of CleanTextile technology “Low emissivity products are commonly used in sheer films tomake Low-E windows for buildings saving energy and keeping buildings cooler.”


“The goal of having more warmth without adding weight is attractive to everyone that spends time working outdoors ” adds Chris Neary CEO Vertical Brands . “We were fascinated by the breadth of application of the technology and believe this technology will keep workers cooler.”.


Trizar ® technology provides thermal management fabrics for Outdoor, Consumer, Athletic and Home Industries.Products using high emissivity materials have been used by Ski, Snowboard andHunting companies (Kjus, O’Neill, FORLOH, Levi’s, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear,Mark’s, ) to consumers warmer longer. Products using low emissivity additives have been used in athletic and consumer products to keep everyone cooler in thesun (New Balance, Endeavor Athletic, Quiksilver, Nepa, Callaway,)

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